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Lesieur is a leading oil brand in France. Established in 1908 by Georges LESIEUR and his sons, the company has over 100 years of culinary expertise. Lesieur is synonymous in France with edible oils and condiments.


Meaning for 100 years dedicated to taste and nutrition, 100 years of innovation in order to always offer the best quality products and 100 great years resolutely turned towards the future.


In 2013, Leiseur France has 707 staffs; the turnover of Lesieur reached 697 millions in Euros in 2, 4 manufactories in France produce 434 000 Tons of refined and neutralized oils, 290 Million liters of packaged oils and 42 000 Tons of packaged sauces.


Leiseur business has expended to 5 distribution channels: retail, food service, international/export, industrial solution and private label to provide oil, olive oil and condiment. Leiseur’s products have been imported to every corner of the world and Established 4 subsidiaries in overseas areas: Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal and Roumania.


Lesieur dedicates to provide the best products with high quality to consumer all over the world and Lesieur disposed 2 Research & Development laboratories and Established of a global quality management system with IFS, ISO 22000 & BRC certifications.




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