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In our international business operations, we have developed strong connections and strategic business alliances with many other international companies to further strengthen our core services. 

EOC International France

EOC International is a Sales and Marketing Consulting company with a huge influence in the European, Latin America and Russian Markets. 


EOC International offers a wide range of outsourcing solutions and services to boost different company's abilitie such as:

  • Set up of marketing tools dedicated to the European market

  • Organizing & attending trade shows

  • Sales campaign to find distributors or new customers

  • Sales training and supervision of foreign distributors

  • Acquisition or creation of a company, partnership or joint-venture

  • Preparation of your business travel

MMI logo.png
Marc Meynardi International


MMI can be in a position to guide you towards profitability and the potential Chinese market to be reached, to contemplate financial and human resources, and finally, a strategy plan to attain your objective.

Ambiceo International


AMBICEO International provides consulting services and cost effective support solutions to help innovative technology companies boost their international development in some of the most strategic markets : USA, Canada, Brazil, India, China, ASEAN zone.


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Acti-Finance is a consulting firm specializing in social development and heritage protection for companies, liberal professionals and Private Customers.

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