Market Entry


China is a land of opportunities and challenges. Tapping the vast China market and navigating the complex business network can be a daunting task for foreign companies making its first foray in this market.
Differences in business practice, thinking and behaviour could become a stumbling block to compete successfully in a foreign market like China.It is important to understand such differences and adapt the business strategy to succeed in the local market.  To develop a strategy that includes the participation of all parties to build a ‘win-win’ business partnership and run a sustainable operation.



At Asiavoila, our ultimate goal is not to provide clients with long reports and statistics to convince client of the market potential but rather take a pragmatic approach by helping clients to develop effective communication and partnership strategy with potential partners, suppliers or customers to build a sustainable and viable business model.
Asiavoila is a company with a global vision and local hands-on experience.   Our aim is to help our clients minimize the business risks and maximize the return on investment in a new market. 

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