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China has attracted the attention of all buyers worldwide. And it is indeed often a right choice.

Asiavoila has put the focus on the most demanding part of this business of sourcing in China :  products that are customized or developed, adapted at buyer’s request.

Such projects require obviously some detailed and secured coordination with both the buyer and the manufacturer.

This is what we learnt over more than ten years.


Key Management to reduce costs


China has attracted the attention of buyers worldwide due to its lower production cost.The great number of suppliers and factories found in trade shows and online platforms offer buyers many easy options and low price attributes at first glance.


In the course of working directly with suppliers and factories, it is easy for foreign companies to get caught in the trap of getting non-conforming or inferior quality goods and unreliable delivery timeline without on the ground supervision, communication with sales, production manager and proper quality inspection at the manufacturers’ premises.


Trade shows and online platforms should not be your primary supplier evaluation tool.

Experienced Professionals


At Asiavoila, we have a team of experienced sourcing professionals to help you:
  • Evaluate suppliers

  • Negotiate with suppliers

  • Ensure the supplier understand and produce product according to your requirements

  • Manage production and QC

  • Protect your IP

A Vast Purchasing and
Supply Network


  • Minimize risk

  • Better control of process

  • Quality assurance

  • Timely delivery

  • Build long term and reliable relationship

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