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Gelpass Group

Expert in frozen vegetables and fruits


3 Fields of expertise:
● Elaborate vegetables
● Wild & exotic mushrooms
● Fruits, fruit purees & fruit preparations


GELPASS - creative nature

  • Individual side dishes :

      Mini gratins dauphinois, Crushed potato products
      Vegetable melts - Fondants, Vegetable risottos - Crémeux

  • Elaborate purees :

      Parsnip, Parsnip & Jerusalem artichokes, Sweet potato, Vitelotte / purple potato

  • Delicatessen products :

      Semi-dehydrated vegetables, Vegetables skewers/brochettes

  • Culinary aids (IQF pellets):

      Spreadables, Duxelle of cooked mushrooms, Oriental style carrots, Courgette & pesto, Guacamole


FRANCEP - a donation of nature

  • Raw mushrooms products:

      Wild mushrooms: ceps, chanterelles, morels…

      Cultivated/Exotic mushrooms: shiitake, nameko, oyster mushrooms,…

  • Cooked forest mushrooms:

      Wholepan of mushrooms with cream, Wholepan in a butter parsley sauce,

      Wholepan in an olive oil sauce,Wholepan of chestnuts and mushrooms with figs,

      Gourmet wholepan of ceps with green asparagus.

  • Gourmet purees :

      Crushed potatoes and truffle, Celery, apple and truffle puree,

      Chestnuts puree with cream, Cep puree


GARNIER - the nature taste of fruit

  • Fruit purees & coulis

      In punnet or IQFpellets
      Strawberry – raspberry – apricot, passion fruit – pear – mango

      pineapple – red peach – green apple

  • Perlés: Semi-candied fruits
    Candied with a cold production technique using refrigiration more than cooking or pasteurization.

  • Cheveux d’ange: Fine strips of semi-candied citrus fruit zest
    The high added value decoration:  Lemon, Orange




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