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La maison de la confiture

ANDRÉSY CONFITURES-Expert in traditional jams since 1950s


Andrésy Confitures receive the label « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant » in 2012

Offers a wide range adapted to your standard
• Four different ranges:
Origines, Nature, Cuisine, Création

• A packaging adapted to your needs
• The fruit picture on the label for each flavour
• A wide range of recipes for all kinds of breakfast:
sweet French breakfast and also savoury British breakfast


Our philosophy
More than a vocation, our passion for over 60 years has been to make jam from fruit picked in neighbouring orchards.
Today, Andrésy Confitures has become a jam expert and a specialist in traditional top-quality jams. In everything that Andrésy Confitures undertakes, the key aim is to achieve excellence and pass on the love of fruit and the secrets of a delicious, natural jam.
The family connection has helped to maintain this passion and a unique know-how and experience, while at the same time regularly introducing a new injection of youth


The fruits

The secret of making top-quality jam is to carefully select the fruits.

To bring out the delicious flavours, obtain a smooth texture and an attractive colour, you need to choose high-quality fruit from the best ‘terroirs’, in the best possible condition for cooking. Today, Andrésy Confitures works with over 200 varieties of fruit.

Andrésy Confitures offers over 600 single-fruit and mixed fruit recipes!


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