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Through our China experience, network and local knowledge, we offer our expertise to foreign companies and develop partnership in the management of their operations in China. We choose a mode of action based on close relations and direct involvement in the field, leading to in-depth, strong and long term partnership.

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We have learnt from your survey and analysis much more than we expected. This is a great job.This comprehensive work gives us both general guidelines for us to decide on a strategy and detailed and practical  information for prompt implementation and planning 

Group Yves Rocher - M. Patouillet, International Development Director 

You make me understand the complexity of China operations in a simple way. It is extremely valuable to receive your synthetic presentation on strategy and listen to your proposals for decision and actions on the field. This is exactly what we need in the HQ back in the US. I measure the amount of work done behind this, as well as your deep knowledge of China business environment. 

Clarity Visual Systems, USA – Paul Gulick, CEO

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