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Our portfolio: ATWCrapaks - A.Leconte

Asiavoila is an international trading company that specializes in the product development, production and distribution of home deco products.


For more than 10 years, Asiavoila has monitored sales and operations in Asia. Our mission is to bring to our Asia and Pacific customers a local support, in the same time zone, knowledgeable about the brand and the product. This allows better reactivity and an easier point of contact. We also benefit from our own knowledge of the different regional markets to evaluate the potential of the different brands, product ranges and we play the role of interface with the top management of the brands when it comes to setting up long term planning such as product development, marketing plan, etc…


Meet us on Maison & Objet Asia, Singapore, March 10-13, 2015.


E-mail :

Phone: + 86 (0) - 21 - 6328 9596

Address: Shenergy International Building, unit 507B
No. 1 Middle Fuxing Road
Shanghai 200021

Our portfolio includes presently the following brands :

Around the Wall (ATW)

ATW is a French home decor brand offering creative home décor ideas, ranging from floor tiles, wallpaper, lamp shades, lanterns and other household items. The founder designer combines different design elements, patterns and colors to turn each living space into a colorful world of art.

To learn more about ATW, just click any of the pictures below.

Les Crapaks

Les Crapaks is a Belgian accessory brand for kids. Their design is based on cute and colorful animal characters developed by the brand. Products include plush blankies & cushions, bags of different shapes & sizes. The quirky characters all come with its signature smile that can be irresistible to kids!

To learn more about Les Crapaks, just click any of the pictures below.

Editions A. Leconte 

Editions A. Leconte was founded in 1920 in the heart of Paris. Inspired by the city’s rich cultural history, the company captures glimpses of the many facets of daily Parisian life and culture in its Parisian-themed home accessories and gifts. The products are well liked by city lovers... Bienvenue a Paris!

To learn more about Editions A.Leconte, just click any of the pictures below.


Asiavoila Co. Ltd


Tel: +86-21-6328 9596 

Contact person: Raymond Peh

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