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The robust growth in Asia and China has encouraged many foreign companies to set sights in Asia, particularly China, to sell their goods and services.

In China, some foreign companies chose to use their tried and tested sales and distribution method back home to sell their products while some chose to adopt local sales and distribution techniques after hearing so much of the unique nature of the Chinese business and people.  

Although East-West cultural differences and business practices continue to pose challenges to foreign companies, companies that make an effort to understand the differences, attempt to adapt and integrate their sales and marketing strategies stand a greater chance of success. 

At Asiavoila, we have the experience working around China's fragmented networks of multi-tiered distribution system and have built long-term relationship with many distribution partners within China and Asia, across many fields and industries.   

We believe long-term success as partners is built on strong cooperation, communication and mutual trust.  In our collaboration with partners, we are committed to build local sales and marketing task force to achieve this goal.



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